Building instructions for your senseBox:home

Once assembled, programmed and synchronized with the openSenseMap, a senseBox:home reports location-aware measurements of the phenomena temperature, relative air humidity, air pressure and (UV-) light intensity.

This manual is divided into the following sections:

  1. Inventory
  2. Software installation and sensor testing
  3. Registration on the openSenseMap
  4. Exemplary setup

If you have questions about the assembly, which are not answered in this manual, please contact us.

The senseBox team wishes you fun and success with your new Do-It-Yourself sensor station!


  • Electrostatic discharges may damage or destroy the electronic components. Before touching the components, please ground yourself by touching a radiator or similar.
  • Circuit boards and other electronic components may contain toxic chemicals. Please wash your hands after the assembly of your senseBox.
  • Please dispose the electronic components eco-friendly, if available at your local collection point for electrical waste.

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