openSenseMap registration

Here the integration of your senseBox:home in our sensor network openSenseMap is described. On this platform a registration is required, where you specify the exact setup of your box.

hint: you may change the OSeM website-language in the navbar!

Register your senseBox by filling out the form here. During the registration you are asked for a hardware setup specification. Choose senseBox:home and tick the senseBox:home with (Ethernet) or senseBox:home (WiFi) checkbox, depending on your edition.

Once the registration is completed, you will receive an email containing keys for your senseBox and sensors, as well as an custom arduino-sketch (see the file extension .ino) which you'll need to upload onto the microcontroller.

Upload the sketch

Once you've downloaded the sensebox.ino attachment from the email, you need to upload the sketch onto the microcontroller, as was already described in section 2. Here's a brief summary of the steps:

  1. open the Arduino IDE
  2. in the toolbar select FileOpen and choose the downloaded sensebox.ino sketch
  3. confirm the dialog with "yes"
  4. upload the sketch onto the microcontroller using the arrow button

If nothing went wrong, you can now view your station on the openSenseMap (use the link in the email) and view your uploaded measurements!

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